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Engineering Specialties Service, E.S.S.,  provides expert services in high frequency Consulting in passive microwave products, design support, hardware prototypes, qualification and production testing, and simulation modeling.   We have been in business specializing in microwave design since 1988 serving the medical, defense and commercial markets world wide... If you have a high frequency problem, we probably can help...give us a call at 508-378-1112 and ask for Rich Pavadore at extension 10..


Our microwave laboratory meets the latest standards and specifications for testing, calibration and quality. Our facility includes a full range of microwave test equipment, prototype shop, and high frequency software to offer complete design, test and engineering solutions.  We also provide production, qualification and prototype testing services.   


We specialize in unique designs and products.  Some of our specialties include ferrite devices, (Circulators, isolators, phase shifters)  low loss microwave dielectrics, rotary Joints, Lossy absorbers, couplers, and most passive components used in the microwave frequency range.  We work with waveguide, coaxial, stripline, microstrip, finline and most all microwave transmission line mediums.  We supply paper designs, prototypes  and production hardware to your specifications and standards.  


I Thank you for visiting our website.  If there is anything I can help you with, please feel free to contact me directly.  You can email me directly by clicking here...


Richard J. Pavadore

tel: 508-378-1112 x10  USA: 

FAX:  508-378-2410