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Microwave Test Procedures and Modeling Services

Acceptance and Qualification Test Procedures (ATP and QTP)

At Engineering Specialties Service we write acceptance and qualification test procedures to meet customer outline drawings, specifications for both military and ISO requirements.  Our professional procedures are written to ensure your products meet all of the requirements without compromising the internal operation of your company.  Government source inspectors and customer quality controls require a procedure is followed to the letter once approved.  A poorly written procedure can cost thousands of dollars to carry out if important criteria, exclusions and alternate scenarios are not allowed for.  It can also take many more man hours of labor to test the same product to a procedure that is not properly worded.

AT E.S.S. we have over 20 years experience in writing and helping to get approved test procedures to ensure the product flows through manufacturing with ease.  We provide firm fixed costs for these services and work through the approval process until it is signed off and complete. 

Failure Analysis and High frequency Modeling  Services

E.S.S. provides, Failure, High power, Multipaction and high frequency analysis on components and sub-assemblies.  The analysis is typically much less expensive than its equivalent test, and gives over a 90% probability result.

Our in-house software performs frequency analysis, S-parameter modeling, ferrite design, and transmission line frequency evaluation.  We can model your component, sub-assembly or test setup, enhancing the design before any costly manufacturing takes place.