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Terms and Conditions..Limits of Liability


Acceptance of all purchase orders at E.S.S.  require acceptance of these terms.


These terms are also shown on any quote we submit...


Liability: E.S.S. limits our liability for all work to the amount the buyer paid for our services.  IN NO case shall the limit exceed this amount unless separate insurance coverage is purchased.  This includes any damage suffered in a component or sub-system where a component is installed.   Customers requesting higher limits MUST DECLARE SO IN WRITING, PRIOR TO THE ISSUANCE OF A PURCHASE ORDER, OR CONTRACT so that we may obtain appropriate insurance coverage for the job in question.  For any questions regarding our terms and/or conditions or this quotation, please feel free to call us directly. 


Payment Terms:  When a quotation includes engineering charges; 25% of NRE charges will be invoiced at the time of order.  25% will be invoiced at delivery of paper design.  Remaining 50% will be invoiced upon completion of design and /or prototype or  90 days after delivery of paper design; whichever comes first.  ALL INVOICES ARE DUE, NET 30.  FOB: EAST BRIDGEWATER, MA.  02333.  Overdue invoices past 60 days are subject to a $ 30.00 / month service charge plus interest on the amount due at a rate of 18% annum.  This amount must be paid in full prior to any future work performed.  If additional charges are not received with payment, it will be added to future quotations.  ESS reserves the right to decline or revoke credit terms for poor or late payment history, or for any other reason.


Shipping/Delivery:  E.S.S. tries to minimize delivery times whenever possible.   Please note however that, the delivery dates listed here are based on our current work schedule at the time of quotation.   Delivery dates will depend on our in house workload at the time the order is placed.  Please call E.S.S. for updated delivery schedules at the time of order, if this is of concern.  ESS is not liable for late deliveries unless previously agreed to in writing prior to issuance of a purchase order.  Lead time is the time between the receipt and acceptance of an order and the day the product or service is shipped from our facility. Lead times on quotations are estimates and are confirmed at time a PO is received and accepted.


Standard shipping terms are "prepaid and add,” F.O.B. our shipping dock in East Bridgewater, MA, USA.  ESS will ship via the shipping company of our choice, making a good faith effort to find the most cost effective method, and will invoice freight costs to the customer. In general, for small package shipments, ESS uses Fed-Ex priority standard overnight because we get rates comparable to ground service and believe this get our product to customers guaranteed faster. Goods shipping "F.O.B. East Bridgewater, MA” means all freight costs, including inland freight costs to depots, ports and

airports, are borne by the customer.


E.S.S can also ship "Collect” if the customer provides a shipping company and account number.  In this case all freight charges are billed directly to the customer’s account and no freight charges will be invoiced by when shipping "Collect,” all liability for shipping damage or loss, once the goods leave our dock, rests with the customer, unless it is determined the damage is a result of improper packaging.  For certain larger and special items, packaging costs may still apply and will be listed separately in our quote.


For shipments outside the USA, the customer is responsible for all tariffs and duties.  For international small package shipments, such as via UPS or Federal Express, delivery is generally "door-to-door,” and tariffs and duties are part of the shipping company’s invoice. Larger shipments, via air freight or ocean freight, may be specified as "door-to-door” in which case the shipping company will incur tariffs and duties, customs clearance costs and local delivery, and pass them on in their invoice; or may be specified as "door-to-port” in which case the goods are left at the airport or ocean port, and it is the responsibility of the customer to arrange for customs clearance, the payment of tariffs and duties, and for local delivery. Orders needing an export license will be subject to different requirements, please inquire for instructions.


Warranties:  Engineering Specialties Service warrants all of our products against manufacturing and material defects for a period of 90 days from the date of shipment.  Our products are fully inspected to conformance to all purchase order requirements at the time of shipping.  If prolonged storage, non-use, or delays with incoming inspection at your facility beyond this time determine that you find discrepancies with our products, we may at our discretion refuse the return or invoke a restocking, retesting, or re-evaluation charges to research the purchase order, your discrepancy, and the job details.    Absorbing products supplied by Engineering Specialties Service are batch sensitive resulting in time-date correlation.  Products not used or inspected by customers within this reasonable time could be subject to environmental changes beyond our control as well as replacement of raw materials being currently used in our facility.  This process requires a more exhaustive paperwork research to quantify the product and batch number used in your specific product.   To avoid these charges and delays, we suggest you thoroughly inspect all products within 90 days of receipt and contact us immediately if you find any defective requirement noted on the drawing or purchase order.


If there are any questions regarding our terms, conditions or limits of liability, please contact us so that we can accommodate your concerns before placing any purchase order. You can also email me directly at


Thank you,


Richard J. Pavadore- Owner/Engineer

tel: 508-378-1112 x10  USA: 

FAX:  508-378-2410